The importance of a good cv for finding a new job

Importance of a good CV

Many people find it a challenge to write down all of their strengths. A cv pushes this to the limit as it is an essential Requirement that you share all of the skills, knowledge and experience that you have to offer, on a piece of paper.

What is a CV?

More than a list, less than an essay; finding the right balance in a CV is a skill that needs guidance.

You have a moment in time to share your skills, passion, dedication and personality. You need to capture attention in a pile of outstanding candidates and allow yourself to rise to the top.

Our dedication to each of our clients means that we read hundreds of CVs and we know what to look for when we are recruiting for each of our business connections across the West Midlands.

Each of the sectors we recruit for has its own particular requirements and we align our searches with the vision and goals of each individual company to find a match that will provide a job offer and permanent positions well suited to the candidate’s experience, skillset and knowledge.


In our role as a recruitment agency for our business clients, we put ourselves in the mindset of the company’s management team. This allows us to search through CVs with the specific requirement of the business we are recruiting for.

Employers are looking for CVs that demonstrate a summary of your skills and a flavour of your personality. An introduction to who you are, where you’ve been in your career and what you have got to offer to add value to the company.

Provide a clear job history that demonstrates your experience, skills and dedication to the role for which you are applying and talk through your skills with a member of the SH Recruitment team to highlight key aspects of your experience that are relevant to your application.


Proofread your writing to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. It is always good to ask a trusted friend or relative for feedback but the team at SH Recruitment can provide you with honest advice on how to improve and allow your CV to be more successful.

Be honest and keep it simple. You need to present yourself in enough detail to share the required information but not too much that it won’t all be read.

Use the job specification to guide you in how to write your CV. Address each of the points made in the job advert and be thorough. Find out about the company by looking at their website. Look at the company values, missions and goals. Share how they align with your own values and career goals and evaluate your own suitability for the position you are applying for.


Understanding the people behind the application allows our connections to create opportunities.

We always take the time to listen to you and your specific needs. This allows us to link this with our knowledge of our clients and candidates through our decades of experience in recruitment, while also supporting you to create a successful CV to capture the attention of potential employers.

This role is a collaborative process, understanding each of the people and companies we create long term relationships with.

Our knowledge and experience will allow you to present yourself in written form on your CV, taking this to your first ‘in person’ impressions at interview.

A chance for a leap forwards in a life career path, a chance for a life change or a change for a business to grow with an excellent new member of staff, a CV is the first step to take with the expert support and advice of the team at SH Recruitment.