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Your CV is a short summary that has a lasting impression

It is a challenge to capture your personality, career, skills and knowledge in succinct words that have a lasting impression,

This is all part of the support you receive from the team at SH Recruitment.

Whether his is the first time you’ve updated your CV for twenty years or the first time you’ve ever written one, our expert advice will take you to the next level in your career.

The Importance of a CV

In order to find you the perfect position, we always take the time to listen to you and your specific needs. This allows us to link this with our knowledge of our clients and candidates through our decades of experience in recruitment, while also supporting you to create a successful CV to capture the attention of potential employers.

We see our role as collaborative, gaining an understanding of who each of the people and companies we create long term relationships truly are and supporting you to present yourself in written form on your CV, to first in person impressions at interview.

Once we understand the people, that’s when our connections create opportunities.

A chance for a leap forwards in a life career path, a chance for a life change or a change for a business to grow with an excellent new member of staff a CV is the first step to take with SH Recruitment.

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