Looking for positives in the recruitment industry

Think Positive

Celebrating the opportunities for candidates as we move into a year of hope.

Living through 2020 has certainly given us all the opportunity for finding a reason to pause. Whether this has been through loss or opportunity, the world changed before our eyes and our lives had to adapt.

At SH recruitment, we live through our values of providing a service that is simple, honest and reliable.

Throughout the Midlands, we are proud to be working at the forefront of recruitment for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We are always looking for the strengths of our candidates in order to find them the right position for the next step of their career. 2020 hasn’t dampened our drive and dedication to looking for the good in people and finding opportunities in the automotive, warehousing, manufacturing and engineering sectors.


Even for our candidates who weren’t faced with redundancy, we were still able to work with them to find opportunities for career growth and roles they had been considering for a while.

Our recruitment team saw that 2020 provided people with a reason, a push to take a career step they had felt reluctant to take before.

Leaving a job when you haven’t been made redundant brings many emotional challenges. Especially when you are witnessing job losses through a global pandemic. No matter the reasons for leaving, it is often difficult to make this decision yourself.

Our expert team supported candidates with the challenges that applying for a new role brings, advising through the uncertainty of change that risks your financial and emotional wellbeing. Taking a risk with either can prevent you from applying for a new role or from a long-desired change of career direction and our care and dedication provided our candidates with simple and honest advice that saw them find their next role.

This year gave our candidates the time to think, the time to evaluate their career ambitions and goals. This meant that we were pleased to be a part of their journey to taking steps they have been considering for months or even years, connecting them with our clients to secure exciting new positions.


Many of our candidates realised, through the process of CV writing, that 2020 was an opportunity to invest in their own skills and knowledge.

With reliable advice from SH Recruitment, we supported our clients to build their personality on paper, to showcase their skills and to use this to understand how to support them to move forwards.

Discussing opportunities to train, or even retrain, have allowed our candidates to develop their CV and prepare them to take a step up. This has allowed us to discover new skills or hidden career goals and connect businesses with candidates ready to deliver within the new opportunities presented to them.

With the constant evolution in many of the sectors we recruit for, maintaining up to date training is a sign to potential employees of your dedication to the sector.

There have been so many advances made in engineering, for example, that keeping your skills and knowledge in line with the evolution of the sector is an advantage that speaks to anyone reading your CV, providing you with the first impression of a dedicated employee with plenty of potential and value to offer to the role.


Even as many of our candidates found themselves unexpectedly out of work, we have still been able to support with our connections to finding employment.

Job loss has been an issue that has broken hearts all over the world this year. With whole industries struggling and hope at an all-time low, we have been there for each and every one of our clients.

Listening to their journey, through work and through job loss, spending the time to understand each person in order to prepare them for interviews and ensuring they are matched with businesses and job opportunities that will support them with their career goals.

We have seen clients in shock and a feeling of despair that comes with loss. We have been honoured to dedicate our time to those in need during a year which none of us could prepare for and we are proud to see them connect with clients and succeed in interviews following our support, our advice and demonstrating their skill and resilience in the face of adversity.


The four sectors we support are exciting to recruit for. Jobs that provide opportunities for constant innovations, career pathways that are achievable through dedication and opportunities to use your skills within a variety of approaches.

2020 has provided the automotive, warehousing, manufacturing and engineering industries to respond with change and invention. We are excited to see where 2021 takes us and the companies we work with. We are ready to support our candidates in this evolving sector and to reach out and grab every opportunity available.

If there’s one thing we have learned from 2020; it’s that the time is now and we are here to provide you with simple, honest and reliable advice to take you through the coming months and whatever they may bring.